Séances d’Architecture en Anglais US

Architecture Sessions (June 2023)

Give us your feedback on the formular and indicate the title “AEL”.

The E3AU Laboratory offers its workshops and courses of discovery of Architecture (and Urbanism) in order to make known this art (like guitar or painting) to the general public following strong pedagogical principles and a great desire to transmit our passion.

Our online workshops, below, are based on the usual first-year architectural school work that we adapt to your desires in creative leisure. Personal computer only from the second season. Preparation of « book » on request depending on the host.

Trainings and Internships online at the second semester 2020 / 2021, registration from 15th February

Training in US English

Training Architecture-Playful [10/15 y.o.] introduced by SIMON Nathan

On Wednesday from 17h30 to 19h00 (GMT+1)


Provisional calendar: 03, 10, 17, 24 and 31 March, 7 and 14 April, 05, 19 and 26 May & 02 and 09 June 2021 (attention no sessions on 21 and 28 April and 12 May)



How do I participate ?

To join our online sessions, please register with the link provided down below. Please make sure you are also registered as a member of a local Secular Community and Youth Center and have received a donation receipt prior to you enroll for a class.

The exercises, lesson supports and multimedia library are free to access without a registration.

No fees on the website, all payments and fees are to be made exclusively with local associative and secular youth centers. Mail-outs of plans or mock-ups may be offered (they may not be mandatory) depending on the facilitator, at your expense.

For more information on the donations, please check at the bottom of the page.



How do I register ?

Once you have your donation receipt, you may register here.

Registrations open from Monday 15th to Friday 26th February 2021



What equipment do I need ?

To follow an online session, you will at the very least need:

a Pencil, a rubber, a ruler, paper, a utility knife and some clean, unmarked packing cardboard.

A list of specific materials and equipment can be provided by the teacher on demand once registered or during the sessions.

For more comfort, we advise you acquire:

a mechanical pencil (HB 0.5mm), a white rubber, a ruler (30cm mini), some white paper of format A3 and raisin between 100g/m² and 160g/m², liquid superglue, clean unmarked packing cardboard & foamboard of 3mm & 5mm thick.



What workshop do I chose ?

Here are the for workshops available online :

  • The Studious Training (1h15) Leisure of the mind

8 / 12 y.o. Polygons and space, Plato’s solids and the built space of our lives: geometry, algebra, drawing, plan and model.

No facilitator available, recruitment on the formular with CV & LM in French and indicate the title « Candidature ».

  • The Free Training (1h30) Creative leisure

10 / 15 y.o. Free projects, imagining the city and the built of tomorrow, understanding architecture: multitude of plans, drawings and models.

Wednesdays from 18:30 to 20:00 (GMT+1) from 3 March to 9 June 2021


  • The Objective School Training (2h00) Fine-Arts

14 / 20 y.o. Visits and school exercises of architecture, discover and learn to practice architecture: drawing, plan and model.

No facilitator available, recruitment on the formular with CV & LM in French and indicate the title « Candidature ».

  • The Design & Engineering Training (2h45) Small school

13 / 23 y.o. Simple plastic arts exercises of school of architecture: plastic arts, urban design, model of interiors.

No facilitator available, recruitment on the formular with CV & LM in French and indicate the title « Candidature ».



All our online trainings of Architecture practice:

Approximately 12 weekly sessions per semester



To participate in online trainings or internships, you must send us proof of your membership in a local youth and cultural center, as well as a donation from:

100.00 € per semester

40.00 € per internship of about 10h

The E3AU Laboratory will not charge any fees to your local cultural and youth centre, the sums that the latter collects are entirely free of use by the latter

above OECD tariff and according to the price of your currencies on the date of registration:

Tariffs Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Emirates, China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand (per semester respectively): €75.00 / €30.00

Tariffs North Africa, India, Asia Minor, Middle East, South East Asia, Caribbean, South America and Central America (respectively per semester): €50.00 / €20.00

Tariffs Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, Hindu-Kush, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Oceania, South Arabian Peninsula (respectively per semester): €25.00 / €10.00

The contact details received by the animation teams and by the E3AU Laboratory cannot be kept from one season to the next without the express request of the data subject. Traces of your contact information may remain: first name, telephone number and affiliated cultural and youth centre. The E3AU Laboratory and its animation teams cannot sell or sell your contact information in any way.