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Transmit our passion for Architecture

Architecture is one of the few disciplines that cannot be learned masterfully.

Creative leisure activities for all in your Youth Association and Secular Center animated by students in architecture school or young architects.

The Laboratory organizes, based on the usual first year exercises ( L 1 ) of school of architecture, leisure workshops in Architecture since 2008, according to an experience of the School of Architecture of Grenoble in 1998.

The E3AU Laboratory remains at the disposal of Youth initiatives to help them, even volunteer, to the organization of workshops and internships by bringing materials, materials and know-how.

No fees on this portal, no administrative or financial commitment, any payment of any fees or contributions is done only and exclusively with the partner cultural and youth centers.


Objectives :

In a collegial, playful and friendly atmosphere, participants are called to design architectural and urban planning projects. Starting from his own ideas and creativity, each conceives his project by initiating himself and learning the techniques of drawing and thinking in architecture. During the workshop, the experiment of creation continues with the modeling of a model in volume of the project of the participant. The latter can thus present his achievement to the other participants and to his relatives and keep it, as his plans and drafts, with him.

Production :

Each participant discovers and creates by hand the plans, the drawings, the models of form or structure and the models of presentation. More than an awareness of the architectural culture, each one is led to realize the first learnings of the profession of architect and planner. The creativity of each one is thus put at the service of the realization of a rigorous and personal project. Visual aids can be made to enhance the architectural or urban project (slides) as well as documentary valuations (short film).

Déroulement :

Only a practice of project drawing allows to approach the architecture. Thus, in the workshops and workshops proposed here, during each session, the participants are led to progress in the learning of the techniques of drawings and modeling to discover the architectural rendering of his project, final result of the project design. To achieve this result, no knowledge in technical drawing or art drawing is necessary: the imagination remains the best ally. Participants, on request, can be assisted in the creation of an art book. The computer tools can be used from the second workshop season and are rarely present during internships.

Durée :

The weekly sessions in school periods, about thirty on the season divided into two semesters of equal lengths, have a duration of 1h for those under 10 years, 1h15 for those under 13 years, 1h30 for those under 16 years and 2h for those over 15 years old in a creative leisure and spirit format. In Beaux-Arts format, sessions can last up to 2h30 each. It is advisable at least 15 years to plan ten days to two weeks of rest every 6 to 8 weekly workshop sessions. Those over 15 years of age are invited to separate two semesters by at least one week of rest. During rest periods, the most motivated are invited to participate in courses either in company or discovery.