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Your Internet portal for Architecture & Urbanism

This place is intended to be an important support to your discovery of Architecture and also Urbanism see even Urban or Space Design as Engineering of the construction or the development, it contains a large number of solutions and ideas.

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Our founding Charter: an ambition, to transmit!

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Since the opening of the portal in 2016, here we offer you through the events pages of outings, conferences, visits, museums, exhibitions, congresses…

Workshops & courses & Walks

In parallel, you can find the E3AU workshops or, during the school holidays, the E3AU courses, or finally the E3AU walks chosen with care! Online members can be offered virtual walks.

Media library

In 2018, for the pleasure of those who want to know more and more through the pages of the media library by having fun and cultivating, we offer three selections essential for your complete development with:

a selection of games in the game library;

a selection of videos in the video library;

a selection of books in the library.

E3AU online
exercises, materials, courses & workshops online

In 2020, a multitude of online features through many additional pages, you will finally be able to share with family & friends, constructive knowledge and architectural experiences when and where you want!

School exercises;

Workshop materials;

Online internship;

Online workshop.

The facilitator relies on your attendance once you have registered for an internship or workshop.


Members may contact (see below) their facilitator at any time.

Your On-line Facilitators

Always available, the animators are at your side at all times of the season:

Animators are always available to you thanks to an easy-to-remember adèle: take the first name (first name) then a dot and then the name of your animator (without space, without accent, without schedule and without capital letter) and follow it by : exemple DUPONT Jean =

MOULIN Sébastien

SIMON Nathan


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